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MECS s.r.l. is a metalworking company which produces mechanical parts and precision components for direct customers at an international level. Its core business is banking automation, but it is also deals with many other sectors. Its headquarters are in Piedmont, in the Canavese area, where Olivetti was born.The production plant (see the picture on the left) is in Burolo, in the industrial area, and the head office (on the right) is nearby in Ivrea. The company has about forty customers and a staff of sixteen employees, some contract workers and interns. The owners are the founder Alessandro Suman and his wife Rossella Paccapelo, both from Ivrea.

mecs metal turning
MECS offices in Ivrea

Our history

Alessandro Suman, an extimated expert in precision mechanics, whose main experience was in prototyping, founded MECS in 2007, when he was 33. He started from scratch, realising his childhood dream of having a company of his own. He began as a supplier for his former employer, who also sold him his first automatic lathe. Two months later, he could buy his second swiss type automatic lathe and in a year he was able to acquire twenty customers.

Since 2009, the company has also provided internhips in collaboration with Professional Institutes, and it started to take on staff, developing its internal organisation. At around this time, the owner happened to run into a close childhood friend, Raul Antonini, who had acquired experience in quality control. Raul and his father, Luciano Antonini, a former Branch and Project Director in charge for the Egyptian subsidiaries of Ansaldo Industria S.p.A.(Finmeccanica Group), decided to invest in the company becoming partners of MECS s.n.c. In the following next three years the company also started milling, doubling its plant and the number of the customers

At the end of 2015, when Raul Antonini untimely passed away, his family was replaced by the founder's wife, Rossella Paccapelo, who had supported the company from the beginning.

Since this moment, the company has even more taken care of the well-being of its people and their work environment. Moreover, it also has focused on optimisation of the organisation process and strategic planning. The result was a new challenge: the creation of a project unit to work on a product idea in new sectors, such as design.

The Sumans decided to offer a business opportunity to two young artisans and designers, their customers, with whom in 2017 they founded a second company called General Design s.r.l. The idea started from the synergy between MECS and Original Moddog, a brand from Biella, in Piedmont. Original Moddog globally established in the field of high-end vaporizers, thanks to their superior craftsmanship creations. MECS and General Design opened a new office in Ivrea and MECS became Ltd.

Our mission


Our first goal is CLIENT SATISFACTION and we want to be their main reference point. Thanks to our experience and our work philosophy, we are able to ensure a combination of:

Technology ~ Innovation ~ Quality ~ Flexibility ~ Speed ~ Competitive prices

We have an entrepreneurial vision of the future, we are flexible to change and we always looking for new projects and challenges. Thus, we have created a second company in a new sector. By the close cooperation with other partners, we also want to build the conditions for the creation of a business network..

company associated with Confindustria Canavese

We are members of Confindustria Canavese, an association of industrials who work in Canavese and aims to create new initiatives about "culture, education, coresearch, coworking and business services”.

Our services

We are constantly looking for solutions. If it is required, we offer technical consulting services such as feasibility analysis, product engineering and project finishing. We project and manufacture items, too.

Our values


Our philosophy is to combine industrial production with the craftsman's attention to detail. The quality of our products is one of our strong points: we boast, in fact, of a very high ALQ (Acceptable Level of Quality) index.

Ours is a young environment: 80% of our staff are under 25 and receive on-the-job training. We take care of individual well-being and growth in a friendly, family-like atmosphere, with many opportunities for getting together.We regularly visit trade fairs and participate in open house events , involving our staff.

We are a resilient company, evolving and adapting continuously to the needs of an increasingly fast and demanding market:

  • we diversify into other sectors to expand our experience;
  • we reinvest continuously in innovative organisational technology and human capital;
  • we provide our personnel with technical update courses and English lessons;
  • we alternate our staff between the various tasks, training them to be flexible and increasing their skills.
  • we work in shifts;‚Äč
  • we are able to schedule our daily production according to the needs of our clients.

    We are an ethical company, also attentive to ecological aspects as regards respect for the environment and the the health of our employees:

    • we only use oils of biological origin;
    • a fume extraction system guarantees high environmental quality returning air micro-filtered to a level of 99.98%;
    • adiabatic coolers, which only use water, guarantee a comfortable temperature inside the plant throughout the summer;
    • a compressor fitted with an inverter provides the necessary power on demand, avoiding unnecessary wastage of electrical energy;
    • the LED lighting system results in significant energy savings;
    • we carry out differentiated collection of waste materials.

    Our staff

    MECS staff
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