Our company produces parts and precision mechanical components, specifically, turned and milled parts in metals and plastics. Prototyping, small/medium productions, and assemblies of the highest quality are our everyday work..

We produce:

shafts, pliers, bushings, pulleys, flanges, nozzles, nuts, linchpins, eccentric pins, threaded pins, cable end pins, handle pins, pins for clamps, pumping pins, large head block pins, screws, spacers, levers, connectors, washers, transmission components, locking collars, gears, tappets, replacement cam plugs, bone and dental implant systems, pins for arthroscopy, plates, small bases, joints, cams, bleed valves, threaded bushings, milled nuts, rotors, small assemblies, titanium rings, connectors for electronic cigarettes, boxes electronic cigarettes, tubes for electronic cigarettes etc.


brass washer
MECS Turned parts
Milled parts for banking automation
Milled parts for motorcycles
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