What we do

We specialise in small mechanical parts linked to the banking automation sector but we also offer services many other areas:photography, earthmoving, security, medical (dental technology, orthopaedics), pharmaceutical, automotive, motorcycling, sailing, sub-aqua, jewellery, electronic cigarettes, hobbies etc.

We produce precision mechanical components for direct customers internationally, namely turned and milled parts in various metals and plastics.Prototyping and small-medium productions are our everyday work, but we are also able to implement and refine projects and produce assembled parts.We guarantee our clients products of he highest quality at competitive prices.

In addition, we offer free technical advice, a feasibility analysis and industrial production of their products.

Banking automation

Banking automation

The core business of our company is in the field of automated banking.We produce mechanical parts of various kinds to create the machinery used in supplying money automatically. Our primary customer is one of the most successful companies in financial automation and retail in the world.


We manufacture components for high-end cars.

Pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceutical industry

We manufacture mechanical partsfor steel machineryfor the pharmaceutical industry.


We produce mechanical parts for photographic products: Camera sliders for cinematographic or amateur filming.


Hobby sector

We produce mechanical parts for any kind of hobby for private customers, including technical advice where required.


Medical Industry

We produce screws for the synthesis of bone fractures (orthopaedics) and titanium dental implants (dental technology).


Motorcycle industry

We produce special racing for motorcycles(eg pedals, clutch levers, counterweights, balancers, spacers, bleed valves, handlebar terminals, brake blocks, etc.).

Earth moving

Earth moving industry

We make components for the assembly of mechanical parts for earth moving machinery.


Boating sector

We produce aesthetic details for boating and oar connectors.


Goldsmith sector

We createmechanical parts for jewellery manufacturing machinery.


safe locks

We manufacture mechanical parts for the locks of safes and handcuffs.

Electronic cigarettes

stopper + battery holder cylinder

We produce mechanical parts in brass and steel for electronic cigarettes.

Scuba diving

Diving industry

We produce components for underwater spearguns in AISI 316 steel and titanium.

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